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放 Google AdSense 在 Gatsby 的靜態網頁上

September 23, 2019 #AdSense#Gatsby

AdSense 是最受歡迎的 blog 廣告服務之一,因為最近剛從 Medium 搬到由 gatsby 自建起來的 blog,所以就放了一下 AdSense 來加減賺一點 步驟 在 Google AdSense 上面建立廣告,因為懶的關係,直接選用 AdSense…

Deploy IPsec VPN server on Kubernetes

September 23, 2019 #kubernetes#vpn

NOTE: In general case, you should not setup the VPN server on the kubernetes. If you need the VPN services, you should create an independent…


August 07, 2019 #bcrypt


DNS redirect on AWS Route53

July 31, 2019 #AWS

First, you have to create an s3 bucket which name is your old domain (e.g. enter bucket and choose “Properties…

Two ways to measure your assets loading speed

March 31, 2019 #performance

Many of you may know how to measure your site loading speed. For example, you can use chrome devtools’ performance, lighthouse or GTmetrix…

The better JavaScript syntax highlight in Sublime Text

March 26, 2019 #Sublime Text

The most famous syntax highlight package for ECMAScript is babel and the last modified date is 2 Jan 2016…but now is 2019 🤦‍♂. It’s time to…