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August 07, 2019 #bcrypt


DNS redirect on AWS Route53

July 31, 2019 #AWS

First, you have to create an s3 bucket which name is your old domain (e.g. enter bucket and choose “Properties…

Two ways to measure your assets loading speed

March 31, 2019 #performance

Many of you may know how to measure your site loading speed. For example, you can use chrome devtools’ performance, lighthouse or GTmetrix…

The better JavaScript syntax highlight in Sublime Text

March 26, 2019 #Sublime Text

The most famous syntax highlight package for ECMAScript is babel and the last modified date is 2 Jan 2016…but now is 2019 🤦‍♂. It’s time to…

Speed up ESLint performance 3 times in IDE

March 17, 2019 #ESLint#performance

Most of the front-end engineers will extend Airbnb’s eslint-config-airbnb rules of their ESLint configuration. It’s a nice choice at the…

Webpack 最佳化:cache-loader

March 05, 2019 #webpack#performance

繼上一篇 thread-loader 可以減少 build time 27% 之後,繼續來講 build time 最佳化的部分,說到 cache,在 web 的世界真的是百百種…這邊就不多說了,還是回到主題 webpack 上面。這次的 cache-loader…