Experienced JavaScript / Node.js engineer & team lead.
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Speed up ESLint performance 3 times in IDE

March 17, 2019 #ESLint#performance

Most of the front-end engineers will extend Airbnb’s eslint-config-airbnb rules of their ESLint configuration. It’s a nice choice at the…

Webpack 最佳化:cache-loader

March 05, 2019 #webpack#performance

繼上一篇 thread-loader 可以減少 build time 27% 之後,繼續來講 build time 最佳化的部分,說到 cache,在 web 的世界真的是百百種…這邊就不多說了,還是回到主題 webpack 上面。這次的 cache-loader…

webpack 最佳化:thread-loader

February 23, 2019 #webpack#performance

近期一直在與 webpack 打交道,原因不外乎是為了更好的開發體驗與使用者體驗。webpack 設定之複雜實在是為人之所詬病,不過在 parcel 出現後所帶動的 zero config 風潮,webpack 在 v4 也大幅的改進這一部分。但是 zero config…

Why I still using Sublime Text in 2019

February 13, 2019 #Sublime Text

I have been used Sublime Text in MacOS and Windows for over 6 years, which still is a fantastic editor even in 2019. In the past years, I…

在 localhost 用 HTTPS 開發吧

February 13, 2019 #HTTPS

在前一篇文章寫了一些 app 相關的內容,該回到本業(Web)了,現在有許多的 Web APIs(Geolocation, Fullscreen, Service Worker, etc) 都需要在 HTTPS…

I’m a web engineer, I’m writing apps

December 21, 2018 #Flutter

In the past 6 years, I’m a web engineer writing HTML/JS/CSS every day. Not only writing client side but also server side (PHP & Node.js). I…